"Capturing Special Moments, Creating Treasured Memories"

About Us

Your Children are the most precious people in your life. Unfortunately they do not stay little forever. Knowing this, I want you to have portraits that capture more than just a standard pose or look. What we do together as a team is create a magical moment, then enhance it with some cool visual effects, and deliver a treasured work of art.

Most of my clients feel they have photos of their kids and/or pets, but want something more special. A Fairy Moment Themed Portraits Inc. takes a different approach with our portrait photography. We believe in Fairies, Superheroes, and Magical Fairy Tales! Creating these types of portraits for your children is also allowing them to have a memorable experience. One that focuses on them and their unique individuality.

Each portrait is a custom work of art, therefore we take our time with you and your child/pet. The most amazing portraits you can imagine are best created when your child/pet is actually being themselves having fun in a relaxed environment.

We scout our local Flagler County area for the perfect spot depending on your theme or maybe use your own backyard if appropriate. Some children or pets may prefer or require a more controlled studio type environment. We love working with all types of kids and pets and will try our best to consider their special needs when scouting locations.

Every child should have a beautiful portrait of themselves to look back upon as they get older. Why not make it a magical one! A portrait you can treasure and hold close to your heart for the rest of your life.